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I’m worried! My family just finished up a big remodeling project on our home, but there seems to be a problem. My friend said it’s probably a construction defect. What is this and what can I do?

Congratulations on having your home remodeled! Projects like these are exciting. They can also add quite a bit of value to your house in the long run. That is, unless something goes wrong during the project to cause damage to your newly remodeled area.

Definition of a Construction Defect

A construction defect is anything that diminishes the value of your property. Under Savannah construction law, defects must be a defect in how the project was designed, the workmanship that went in to completing your project, or anything that could cause structural failure.

Examples of Common Construction Defects

The most common type of defect is a problem in the design or workmanship of your project. Here are a few examples:

  • Water seeping through windows, roofs, or doorways
  • Deficiencies in stucco
  • Leaks or cracks in concrete slabs
  • Faulty or leaky irrigation
  • Pest infestation (especially termite infestation)
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Lack of sound abatement or fire protection

Each of these puts your newly remodeled home in jeopardy, and it could dramatically reduce the value of your property. Getting the construction company to correct a default of this nature is not as easy as you might think. Many times, it requires that you file a claim against them for damages and compensation.

To learn more about how to handle a suspected construction defect and to learn more about how to pursue damages from the contractor that caused them, talk to an attorney. At Duffy & Feemster, Georgia construction defect lawyers are knowledgeable in this type of law and can help. We know what to do if you have been a victim of a construction defect, and how you can get justice. Call us today to learn more about how you can recoup the lost value on your home.

Dwight T. Feemster
Dwight is a civil and criminal attorney in Georgia.

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