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Victims Suffer Devastating Injuries and Deaths in Car Crashes

Unfortunately, Georgia residents face increasing risks of being involved in a car accident caused by another driver. According to the National Safety Council’s preliminary estimates, fatalities in vehicle accidents in 2015 nationwide are expected to increase eight percent from 2014. Even more distressing, Georgia had a substantial rise in deaths—a 22 percent increase. The victims lucky enough to survive these tragic wrecks can suffer devastating injuries that could change their lives forever.

Did You Suffer One of These Injuries in Your Car Crash?

Victims of negligent drivers can suffer a variety of injuries—some life-altering—when hit by another driver. Unfortunately, some very serious conditions may not develop until days or weeks after the accident, so you need to seek prompt medical care even if you are not sure you were hurt. Common injuries you could have suffered include:

  1. Traumatic brain injury. Even a mild blow to the head can cause a person to suffer traumatic brain injury with life-long changes to the person’s emotions, concentration, memory, mental abilities, vision, or hearing.
  2. Back and spinal injuries. Back strains, sprains, fractures, nerve damage, and disc injuries are a few of the injuries victims can suffer that can cause them to experience long-term pain and require ongoing treatments like pain medication, physical therapy, or surgery. If the damage to the spine is severe, a person can become partially or completely paralyzed.
  3. Neck injuries. Whiplash—a soft tissue injury—is a common injury caused by car accidents. Often the symptoms may take days or weeks to develop. Victims may need months or longer of treatments like physical therapy to manage the pain.
  4. Fractures. People do not just break bones in their arms and legs in accidents. They can suffer serious hip fractures—especially dangerous for elderly motorists—pelvic fractures, broken ribs, and more.
  5. Internal organ damage and bleeding. In serious crashes, victims can suffer internal organ damage and bleeding. In some cases, the symptoms will develop over time into life-threatening medical conditions if the victim does not receive immediate medical treatment.

If you or a family member was injured in a car accident, you could be entitled to compensation from the negligent driver. Start an online chat or call our experienced legal team at (888) 707-1197 to schedule a free consultation.

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