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Newlywed Bliss: The Process of Adjusting Your Immigration Status in Savannah After a Wedding

Congratulations! Getting married is an exciting milestone in anyone’s life. But as a couple with a mix of national backgrounds, marriage means even more.

Now, you have the ability to live together in wedded bliss without the worry of renewing your visa year after year. With an adjustment of status you can finalize your nuptials and live happily ever after together here in the United States.

The Adjustment of Status Process in Georgia

Unfortunately, adjustment of status in Savannah is not as easy as signing your marriage license. Understanding what to expect throughout the process can help you and your new spouse know how prepare.

Here are the steps you can expect to go through:

  • To start the process, the American spouse must first file a petition using Form I-130 to declare the desire to help a foreign national immigrate to the United States.
  • Once approved, the person immigrating must submit an application for a permanent residence green card.
  • In some cases, you might be able to combine this process into one step. If you are eligible to adjust your status, it might be possible to file both applications at the same time.
  • Once both applications are filed, both people will need to submit fingerprints, submit a  photograph, and participate in an interview. In the interview, the processor will ask a series of questions in an effort to determine whether the marriage is valid. Once the validity has been determined, a green card will be approved.

Getting Help From a Savannah Immigration Attorney

To help with submitting your paperwork and preparing for the interview, having an attorney on your side can help. At Duffy & Feemster, we help many couples like you with the adjustment of status process. With guidance from one of our experienced Savannah immigration attorneys, you can have a clearer understanding of how the process will work helping you focus more on enjoying your marital bliss and less about the complicated immigration process.

Do you know of a newlywed couple going through the green card process? Email them this article so that they can have peace of mind while they apply for adjustment of status.

Dwight T. Feemster
Dwight is a civil and criminal attorney in Georgia.

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