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Know the Georgia Statute of Limitations for Filing a Car Accident Claim

If you were hurt in a car accident in Savannah, you may consider filing a claim against the person who hit you to receive compensation for your medical bills, time lost from work, and vehicle repairs related to the accident. Accident victims should be able to receive certain damages for accidents that weren’t their fault; however, you need to file a suit before the Georgia Statute of Limitations runs out.

The Georgia Statute of Limitations for Accident Victims

The Georgia Statute of Limitations places a time limit on filing a personal injury accident claim. Those who plan to file injury-related personal injury cases in the Georgia civil court system have two years from the time the accident occurred to do so. Once the two-year window has closed, the court will likely refuse to hear your claim, and you won’t be eligible to seek compensation for your accident.

Claims Against the City, County, or State

If your personal injury car accident claim is with the city or county, your statute of limitations falls under a different timetable. If you’re seeking compensation from the city or county, you have six months to file a formal claim. If your claim is against the state, you have two years from when the accident occurred to file.

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