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When to Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce

The first step after deciding to divorce your spouse should be finding the right attorney to represent you. Although there is no legal requirement for you to hire a lawyer, it’s always smart to do so and in certain situations, it’s absolutely necessary that you have legal representation. It’s important to understand why hiring an experienced attorney is a key step before going through the divorce process. When to hire a divorce attorney

When Do I Hire an Attorney?

Even when there are no children or significant assets involved, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney about your divorce is wise. However, it’s critical to hire an attorney when:

  • Abuse is involved. If your spouse has a history of emotional or physical abuse, you need an attorney to protect your interests. Additionally, an attorney can advocate for you against a spouse who may cause harm to your children or may have substance abuse problems.
  • Your spouse has hired a lawyer. If your spouse has hired an attorney, you shouldn’t try to handle your divorce on your own. You want someone in your corner who knows the law well and can make sure your interests are prioritized.
  • You and your spouse are at an impasse. If you’ve already tried to work things out civilly with your spouse but cannot come to an agreement, it’s important you hire an attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.

Significant Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

When you hire an experienced attorney, you are not only protecting yourself and any children involved, you’re also guaranteeing that you receive:

  • Sound advice. You can rest assured that your attorney knows the law, has studied the specific details of your case, and will make suggestions with your best interests in mind—which can help you avoid significant mistakes.
  • Proper assistance. After years of studying and practice, an attorney will be sure to do the right thing—the right way—the first time.
  • Speedier proceedings. Because lawyers understand complicated legal procedures and the timing of important actions, it’s possible an attorney can help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Talk With a Team Member Today

If you’re entering into divorce proceedings and want to hire an attorney who will prioritize your interests, you need to speak with a member of our team today. The attorneys at Duffy & Feemster want to hear your story, so fill out the online contact form on our website to get started.


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