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5 Things You Need to Know About Georgia Adoption

In 2015, 843 children were adopted from state custody in Georgia, according to the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Thousands more are waiting to be adopted in Georgia right now—and if you’re thinking about providing a permanent home to one of them, it’s important you prepare for the process ahead. Adoption process in Georgia

What Is Adoption?

Adoption provides homes for children under state custody, and in Georgia, the state defines adoption as a process that:

  • Is both social and legal
  • Gives adopted children the same rights as those born into the family

This means that while attorneys and laws are heavily involved, it’s important that the adoptive child experiences a meaningful social transition into the new home.

5 Important Factors in an Adoption Decision

Adoption laws can be complicated, which is why it’s important that you don’t attempt to go through the process on your own. To facilitate the proper legal and social transition for the child, potential adoptive parents must show that they are:

  1. Financially responsible. Georgia courts want to ensure you are financially able to cover the costs of raising a child. These costs include food and shelter, education expenses, and healthcare costs.
  2. Safe. In most cases, Georgia will require your home to be inspected. In this visit, the representative will make sure the child will have his own room, basic amenities like running water and electricity, and will generally be safe to reside in the home and neighborhood.
  3. Honorable. In addition to a background check, adoption agencies or government reps will make sure that you have good character. To evaluate this, your friends, coworkers, family members, and others who have known you a long while may be asked to attest to your integrity.
  4. Minimally eligible. The state of Georgia requires that a person is at least 25 years of age before adopting a child. At its heart, this law seeks to ensure that the adoptive parent or parents are mature and financially independent enough to care for a child adequately.
  5. Healthy. Potential adoptive parents must show that they are both mentally and physically healthy enough to provide and care for a child in the long term.

A Lawyer Can Help Build Your Family

If you’re considering adopting a child, it’s important to find an attorney you trust who can walk you through the legal process. The team at Duffy & Feemster has helped build many families through adoption, and we’d like to hear from you. To get started, contact us by engaging in a live online chat on our website.

Dwight T. Feemster
Dwight is a civil and criminal attorney in Georgia.

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