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Make Your Immigration to America Easier With the Helping Hand and Support of a Savannah Immigration Attorney

Immigrating to the United States is not easy. It requires you to fill out extensive amounts of paperwork and put your personal life on display to be judged.

When you hand over your immigration application, there are mixed emotions. You fear being denied your right to stay in the country. You lose sleep, worried, as you live a life in limbo. Throughout this emotional roller coaster, you deserve someone on your side who not only understands what you’re up against, but knows the United States immigration law well enough to give you the guidance you need.

Let Our Savannah Immigration Attorneys Work to Solidify Your Ability to Stay in the United States

At Duffy & Feemster, we’re founded on a deep belief that people come first. With decades of experience helping people like you, we have seen the joy newlyweds feel when they adjust their status to live together in the United States worry-free. We have also helped defend people at risk of being deported.

Immigration is a very personal experience, and at Duffy & Feemster we treat it as such. Your case is never just another number. Instead, when you work with Matthew, Dwight, or Jack, you get an immigration lawyer on your side who understands what is at stake for you.

Here Are Some of the Immigration Circumstances We Wre Experienced With:

  • Adjustment of Status. Marriage is a joyous occasion, but when spouses are from another countries it can also be a challenge. There are hoops to jump through and paperwork to fill out to adjust your status and ensure you can live in the United States. Immigration attorneys at Duffy & Feemster in Savannah understand how to make your family’s path to immigration easier.
  • Citizenship and Naturalization. In the United States you must go through a lengthy process to be approved as a permanent resident alien and to begin the naturalization process. With our help, you get a knowledgeable guide on your side so that you never have to go through the process alone. We will help you know what you must do, what to expect, and how to ensure you are accepted as a citizen or are naturalized into the United States.
  • Deportation Defense. Facing deportation is one of the scariest experiences you will ever go through. We understand what you’re up against and what you stand to lose if you are deported. That’s why we work hard to defend your right to stay in the United States with your family and the life you love. With our strategic defense and deep understanding of the rules and regulations, you get a partner on your side who will maximize your opportunity to stay and live legally in the place where you feel most at home.

You don’t have to go through this alone! With the support and guidance of an immigration lawyer at Duffy & Feemster, you get a partner on your side who understands how personal your immigration is to you.

No matter where you are in the process, we’re here to help! Call us today toll free at 888-707-1197 to get started.

Dwight T. Feemster
Dwight is a civil and criminal attorney in Georgia.

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