The Benefits of Roundabouts

The use of traffic lights in rural parts of Georgia and surrounding states may help reduce the number of accidents at a given intersection. However, the accidents that do occur are more likely to be serious in nature. Conversely, roundabouts don’t reduce the chances of an accident occurring, but the crashes that do take place are relatively minor. The use of roundabouts can be more effective because they require drivers to slow down when approaching an intersection.

A roundabout also eliminates the need for drivers to determine if there is enough time for them to cross an intersection safely. Instead, they just need to determine if there are other drivers in the roundabout prior to entering. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is seeking to eliminate traffic fatalities as part of its N.C. Vision Zero initiative. This includes building roundabouts, which saves more money from a reduction in accidents than it costs to create them.

While one such roundabout was predicted to cost $1.2 million, it will also bring a projected savings of $2.5 million in accident costs. In Robeson County, North Carolina, three more roundabouts are being constructed. The belief is that they will make roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians. The Vision Zero projected originated in Sweden and is also implemented in some form on a national, regional and state level in America.

Individuals who have been involved in car accidents may have a different quality of life afterward. In some cases, it may be impossible for them to go back to work or have meaningful relationships with friends and family members. Individuals who are hurt in a crash may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and lost wages. An attorney may assist an injured victim with obtaining a financial award.

Written by Findlaw.